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Meet Trevor

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Trevor was born and raised in Moorefield, WV. Growing up in his family land along the South Branch River he developed respect for the area at a young age. On these lands is where he learned to fish, hunt and traverse the nature of the West Virginia landscape.

After graduating from West Virginia University with a Bachelor's in Criminology, he moved to Yellowstone and worked there for 4 years. He helped maintain the territory gaining a distinct understanding for the outdoors. He was also a recreation supervisor and coordinator guiding hikes in the park. Leading enthusiasts outdoors instilled a need to help people discover their personal connection with nature. Wandering this rugged landscape helped enhance his appreciate for the outdoors.

After returning home in 2018, this passion helped begin the creation of Breezewood Adventures. Trevor hopes through the river and the woods, he and his brother can encourage a new generation of outdoor lovers.


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