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Advice From a River:

Go with the flow.

Immerse yourself in nature.

Slow down and meander.

Go around the obstacles.

Be thoughtful of those downstream.

Stay current. 

The beauty is in the journey!

- Iian Shamir



One canoe, two fishing poles, and a lifetime of brotherhood. That's how it all started.  

Being raised along the edge of the Appalachian mountains wandering the tributaries of the local waters, granted us the unique opportunity to know and respect our landscape.  Whether it be traversing a technical and exciting stretch through the Smoke Hole Canyon or canoeing an easy and relaxing path of the South Branch of the Potomac, we have you covered. 

Spending as much time as we do on these waters, we have gained an appreciation. This appreciation has helped us understand how special, yet fragile, our rivers are. We want to do our part in keeping our streams wild. We hope you will join us by doing the same!

The beloved mountains and untamed rivers of West Virginia have brought us back home to continue on our next adventure. We are excited for the opportunity to help create an experience that will become a lifelong memory for you!


About Kellan

Kellan Snyder

Kellan Snyder

Founder & Owner

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